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another shoot tomorrow

gonna play with some new lights with new model.

SHOOT IS DONE..... 2-6pm long shoot... what a fun gal!

Good news: Great shoot..very fun and exciting.....

BAD news: lost 300 images from corruption due to memory card failure

I shoot with 2-16 gig cards... I filled up one 16 gig card up then 1/2 of the 2nd 16 gig card. The card I filled up all the way up had some areas of error in the 2/3 mark full area and corrupt 300 of my beautiful images. I am afraid that will happen to my 2nd card so now I am afraid to use either anymore. The card I am using is the UDMA DELKIN CompactFLASH PRO 16GB cards. They have lifetime warranty on them so I will bring them back and maybe they can recover the 300 images and exchange for new cards. please please


New shoot this friday

I am shooting a very beautiful lady named Eriko from  I am excited to try some new techniques with lighting.  I want to go in the direction of light and shadows more. Much of my work has been mostly beauty glamour shoots with emphasis on the makeup and hair.  Most of the my make up and hair from previous shoots have been from Vivian Tran's team from  The are great to work with.

1st Post

I just installed this new theme and so I am trying to get the kinks out. Stop by another time to see what has changed.
November 16, 2010Posted by admin in

Hi beautiful person

When I shoot a new person I will be sure to put up a post in this area for them